Local Staff Make the Difference

We know that Hospitality Services or the quality of local staff can make or break a program. Sure you can bring your own staff, but it’s the local staff that truly adds the ALOHA to a great program. At Island Partners Hawai‘i, our Travel Directors’ depth of experience adds up to more than 530 years between them!!!

You will not find anywhere in Hawai‘i more qualified, efficient, well organized, competent, resourceful, professional, ingenious, gentle, considerate, companionate, proficient, skilled, caring, warm, quick witted, back breaking, well mannered, courteous, fresh, bright, groomed, talented, dependable, gifted, creative, understanding, happy, and thoughtful individuals than on the Island Partners Hawai‘i Travel Director’s team.

We have it all and the best part about our team is that they love what they do. Their professionalism, ability to think on their feet in any given situation, and most importantly, their positive outgoing personalities is what makes them the best in the world!

By Carole Brents with excerpts from Charlie Kealoha