Our Values

“How nice it is to partner with a company that shares our same values.”

At Island Partners Hawai‘i we are dedicated to Excellence and YOUR Success.
We strive to foster these four essential Hawaiian values that form the foundational beliefs of our company and our people and enable us to exceed your expectations and those of your guests.

Our Values


Simply put, Pono means the right or correct way;
to do the right thing the right way. We choose to define this value as “the correct and righteous way to act and behave.” In the words of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “It is always the RIGHT time to do the RIGHT thing.” Pono speaks of our character and personal pride.

Our Values


is an acceptance of hospitality and a willingness to be of service. It’s both a value and an attitude. It’s Being hospitable means to understand and be gracious, considerate, and kind. A large part of the Ho‘okipa concept and value is sharing – information, anecdotes, stories – making our guests feel comfortable and at ease – treating them as our family. Understanding problems – providing solutions not excuses.

Our Values


generally means family.
However, from a deeper perspective, ‘Ohana need not always be about blood, it is also about a shared focus, a common direction, an understood and adhered to methodology. From the perspective of our customers, guests, and purveyors, making them feel as part of our ‘Ohana allows us to share and collaborate with a common purpose. 
“No task is too great when done together by all.” E komo mai nā ‘ohana ~ Welcome into our Family

Our Values


is used as a greeting or salutation. 

The value of Aloha is more in line with compassion, charity and kindness. It is practiced and shared without judgment, underlying motive or pre-determined outcome in mind. Taken from the writings of David K. “Daddy” Bray (1889-1968): A (spiritual light) LO (spiritual foundation) HA (spiritual essence, the breath of life). Aloha speaks from the heart and to the soul.

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