Client “Voices”

“I was amazed how you knew just the right path to lead me down during the site selection. I instantly felt assured that you completely understood our audience and would help to find the perfect venue.”

“[You] have mastered the skill of listening to [your] customer’s needs which produces a program that your guests will experience in an authentic and genuine way.”

“I was very impressed with the close working relationship that exists between your team and the staff at the [Hotel]. By having this strong existing relationship I was able to step out of the middle of so many of the minor-yet important-details of the event set-ups, concentrate on other areas of the program, and yet still be confident that the event would be ready on time and flawlessly executed.”

“You can tell you are the “experts” in Hawai‘i. I can’t believe that every year you come up with different entertainment, venues and décor.”

“I always knew that your production elements would be good. I might have even stopped to think that IPH would be as good at production, theming and décor as transportation and activities. I should have known: as always, my expectations were greatly surpassed.”

“Everyone from your company was involved with the success of the program. Your destination offers so many cultural elements and you all have the expertise to showcase them so uniquely.”

“…Our program was absolutely perfectly amazing! We have a tough act to follow next year!”

  • Client “Voices”
  • Client “Voices”