Entertainment ~ Local Style!

“Buy Locally” the bumper sticker says! My suggestion is the same when it comes to sourcing your corporate meeting or incentive program’s entertainment. Our team has the resources, relationships, and know how to assist you in doing just that!

When Oprah Winfrey brought Harpo Productions on a 20 year anniversary trip (1,000 + of her employees and their families), she, through her production partner and Island Partners Hawai’i, hired local performers for her nightly entertainent. They did not disappoint! Our small state has an amazing and innovative music, dance, and art community.

In fact the “Hawaiian Music Scene” is at such a high caliber the Grammys created a category for  “Hawaiian Music” several years back….How would you like the bragging rights of introducing a Grammy Award Winner or Grammy Nominee to your attendees? All without the expense associated with bringing in name entertainment and their entourages from “the mainland”. Local entertainment may not have immediate name recognition, but your guests will be immediately amazed and touched by the unique talent and dynamism of these performers, creating the magical moment we cross our fingers for in every program!

And, local entertainment does not have to be Hawaiian! We have Jazz singers, aerial performers and acrobats, blow out dance-the-night-away Show Bands – the full gamut. Now should you decide to bring in entertainment from out of state here is a hot tip ~ our locally based production partners have all the top quality gear you are looking for, avoiding huge equipment shipping fees.  So, buy locally! Your budget will go farther, and you’ll share the magic of  Hawai’i ~