Hawai‘i ~ The CMI Headliner

Event Name, ClientIn these times of economic uncertainty, it’s commonplace to look at other destinations (other than Hawai‘i) as alternatives.  Commonplace does not mean exciting, valuable or unique; it does mean dull, humdrum, ordinary. As defined, an alternative is “a secondary option or substitute to the preferred choice”.

At any corporate meeting or incentive program, your company is “on-stage”. Think of it like producing a show.  There’s a difference between a professional production and community theater.  Who’s better at Shakespeare: Sir Lawrence Olivier or Mac the delivery guy?  No one wants to see the understudy; everyone wants to see the headliner.  Hawai‘i is that headliner, a draw, the reason to be there.

A corporate meeting or incentive program destined to Hawai‘i produces elation, enthusiasm, exhilaration and energy – a tangible buzz.  It puts your company, stage front and center, in the spotlight, basking in the applause and accolades of raving fans.

Hawai‘i has what it takes – excitement, value, uniqueness – the islands are time-tested and proven as THE C.M.I destination. At Island Partners Hawai‘i, our team will provide and partner with you to experience that headliner, sit in the front row, and be invited backstage after the show is done!