A Hawaiian Farewell…

By: Kimo Jenkins, Director, Product Development & Implementation Cultural Guide

In Hawai‘i we greet each other by saying “aloha” or “howzit” or “what’s up” or “pehea ‘oe – how are you?”  All appropriate greetings.

When we part company different terms are used – “aloha ‘oe” being the most well-known – meaning goodbye or farewell.  However, when true friends, colleagues or ‘ohana-family part ways, it is appropriate and meaningful to say “a hui hou – until we meet again”.

Ms. Andi McIntosh – you’ve become a valued and loved part of our Island Partners Hawai‘i ‘ohana and we are all going to miss you.  Much success in your new endeavors – You Go Girl!

A Hui Hou – Until We Meet Again