So You Think You Can Dance… and Strum!

By: Kimo Jenkins, Director, Product Development & Implementation Cultural Guide

In Hawaiian culture the hula and the ‘ukulele form an interconnected duo, a manifestation of grace, beauty and resourcefulness. Without one the other is not balanced; not able to truly fulfill its function. The concept of this unique Corporate Social Responsibility event is to provide through sharing and interaction a Hawaiian cultural encounter, both entertaining and enlightening. Dance the hula and strum the ‘ukulele.

The hula is a reflection of our Hawaiian lifestyle; fun, free flowing, and colorful; beauty and grace. Hula combines movement, poetry and emotion with spirited reverie. Hula implements like the kalaau (rhythm sticks) ‘ulī ‘ulī (feather gourd rattle), pū‘ili (split bamboo), and ‘ili‘ili (Hawaiian stone castanets) will be used, along with interpretive hand and body movements.

The most iconic of Hawaiian musical instruments, the ‘ukulele allows a reflection of the rhythms and melodies found all around us. From professional musicians to first time music student, from music aficionados to weekend strummers and everyone in between, the ‘ukulele is an instrument of choice. You’ll experience the ‘ukulele basics – tuning, strumming, finger cords, etc. – the “how” as well as the “why”, which for Hawaiians makes the process correct and the end result meaningful.

The hula implements as well as the ‘ukulele and related supplies (carry bag, etc.) that are being used for your “lesson” will be donated to a local elementary school (or similar) music program – connecting an entire generation of island keiki (children) to their culture.