Kūpuna Care

Volunteer Service Event – Kūpuna Care, by Kimo Jenkins, Director, Product Development & Implementation Cultural Guide

Most modern societies are judged by the treatment of their most susceptible members, those that by virtue of age (young or old), medical condition and history, or economic factors need and require our attention and care. In Hawaiian culture this at-risk includes our kūpuna or elders. We understand that kūpuna are venerable; thus we choose not to make them vulnerable. Kindness and caring should be expected and is always lovingly received. It goes beyond just material goods or items; it’s personal interaction and attentiveness, visitation and communication, healthy diet and activities.

At an appropriate location at the hotel, participants will gather to both create kūpuna care makana (gift) bags as well as begin to understand the reasons and benefits of caring for our elders. Participants will be creating handmade knotted/tied fleece blankets. These will then be matched with non-skid fuzzy socks and comforting fleece pajama bottoms in creating the kūpuna care makana (gift) bag.

Kūpuna Care is a free-flowing event where participants may come and go as they please. Duration is anticipated between 2-3 hours. Everyone is invited to both learn about and create a gift for our revered kūpuna. The kūpuna care makana (gift) bags will be donated / distributed within our island community, including interaction and visitation by high school and college bound students involved in the area of study of kūpuna care. Each bag to contains

  • (1) handmade knotted/tied fleece blanket
  • (3) pairs of non-skid fuzzy socks
  • (2) pairs of fleece pajama bottoms