The ‘Iwa Bird Protects

Thank you, Teresa, for sharing this heartfelt, thoughtful story with us. We wish your son a very happy birthday, and are happy he has grown in to a strong, healthy young man!

“My son (picture attached) turns 16 on  Saturday, May 2nd. We will be celebrating his birthday with a small BBQ with family and his friends on this day. My son, David, Ke’eaumoku ka’iwamaka’a’okalaniki’eki’e Nae’ole was born 6 weeks premature at 3lb in weight with a collapsed lung. His first ever flight was at the wee old age of 6 hours to Kapiolani NICU via air ambulance.

My husband picked the name David as in reference to David and Goliath. He felt our son was at such odd’s at birth for survival, yet he cried so strong for survival that he compared him to David and Goliath. He was so tiny, yet so mighty:) His Hawaiian story name comes from the day I went into labor with him. An ‘iwa bird had flown over our house that morning which is a rare sight where we were living at the time. We felt the presence of the ‘iwa bird was the protection for our son that was joining us that day.

The watchful eye of the ‘iwa bird soars high in the heavens….

My son is becoming a handsome, gentle spirited young man, that I am proud to say is my son<3”